Group at Malham Cove July 2016

White Rose Walking Group at
Malham Cove July 2016



"Our walks are full of laughter

And each member is a friend." C Rhodes



If you are looking for a really good walking group - this is the one to join.   Happy, friendly and caring, we welcome new members of all abilities.  Walking all over the North of England and sometimes Scotland, we do short and long distances - so even those who might feel awkward can join us knowing that it will not be too much.   We are also very adventurous and each walk is a great memory stored.


In this group you will find no petty rules and regulations,.  We exist to enjoy the countryside, wildlife and nature by leaving cares and cars behind.

There is no charge for the walks, except a small amount for transport.  We have our own minibus.  BRING YOUR DOG TOO.

We are not affiliated to any other club and we do not have a committee.   

For the next walk see the "Programme" page.  For more information or to have an informal chat about the group - ring


Come along and try  White Rose Walks.   You will be made most welcome and will not be disappointed.

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